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tidy adj
1 marked by good order and cleanliness in appearance or habits; "a tidy person"; "a tidy house"; "a tidy mind" [ant: untidy]
2 (used of hair) neat and tidy; "a nicely kempt beard" [syn: kempt, trim]
3 large in amount or extent or degree; "it cost a considerable amount"; "a goodly amount"; "received a hefty bonus"; "a respectable sum"; "a tidy sum of money"; "a sizable fortune" [syn: goodly, goodish, hefty, respectable, sizable, sizeable] n : receptacle that holds odds and ends (as sewing materials) v : put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!" [syn: tidy up, clean up, neaten, straighten, straighten out, square away] [also: tidied, tidiest, tidier]

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  1. Arranged neatly and in order.
    Keep Britain tidy.
  2. Not messy; neat and controlled.



arranged neatly

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  1. To make tidy.


  1. Expression of positive agreement, usually in reply to a question.

Usage notes

Often used by people from South Wales to end a sentence or as a reply to a question meaning "Great" or "Fine", for example "I'm going to the shops for ten fags" may get the reply "Tidy."

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OK, acceptable, adequate, admissible, all right, ample, anal, arrange, better than nothing, big, bleach, bowdlerize, bowdlerized, bumper, chipper, clean, clean out, clean up, cleaned, cleaned up, cleanse, cleansed, clear out, clear the decks, clear up, considerable, decent, delouse, depurate, deterge, dinky, dry-clean, dust, dust off, expurgate, expurgated, fair, fairish, fix up, freshen, generous, good, good enough, goodish, goodly, grand, great, groom, healthy, large, large-scale, lustrate, man-sized, methodical, moderate, neat, neaten, not amiss, not bad, not half bad, not so bad, numerous, okay, orderly, organize, organized, passable, police, police up, presentable, pretty good, purge, purged, purified, purify, put in order, put in trim, rearrange, refined, reform, reformed, reorganize, respectable, satisfactory, scavenge, shipshape, significant, sizable, sizeable, sleek, slick, smart, snug, spick and span, spick-and-span, spruce, spruce up, steam-clean, straighten out, straighten up, substantial, sufficient, sweep out, sweeten, systematic, tall, tidy up, tight, tolerable, trig, trig up, trim, trim up, uncluttered, unexceptionable, unobjectionable, well-cared-for, well-groomed, well-kept, well-ordered, whiten, wipe, wipe off, wipe out, wipe up, workmanlike
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